Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Snow Miku Playtime.

Review: Snow Miku Playtime.

Hello. Today I am reviewing Snow Miku, Queen of The Frozen Hell and Leader of the Snow Demons.
Actually, I am kidding about the last two part, as Miku is an avatar/mascot for the Vocaloid
voice synthesiser program.
She has plenty of different incarnation in music videos and figure form, one of them is Snow Miku
which is a limited release Nendoroid.
This second also limited version of Snow Miku called Playtime featuring poseable joints among other extras.

The box of Snow Miku Playtime is a bit more wider than usual Nendo boxes, with a big
window to show what is inside.
The outside also has nice pictures and design to show what else is inside you can't see from
the window.

Opening the box, Snow Miku is securely packed in the tray.
Snow Miku includes 2 other faces and an extra hairpiece, 2 leeks in different sizes, a hand
for the ice leeks, a pair of mittens, a scarf, the normal Miku headphones and a snowman.
There's also another extra.

An ice tray.
The designs are normal Miku and Hachune Miku, word bubbles with snow and snowman
image, a pair of leeks, and a name plaque saying "nendoroid yukimiku".

The plastic is pretty soft and flexible.
I tried making some ice and the result are pretty good, though the hard ice is still hard to
get out of the tray.
Also the leeks tend to be fragile and breaks easily.
You can make other things than ice though. :P

On to the girl herself.

The body is separated into several parts, and you will find that out yourself as you have take
her apart to take out the plastic covering her. It is easy to do so, just be careful as her hair
seems to be made of a soft material.
Also as you do so, you'll find something interesting..I'll tell you later. The engineering of
posable Miku makes her seem to push out her buttocks though it's not really noticeable.
She comes with the new stands designs though you don't really need it since you can balance
Miku on her twintail, even on one leg.

Unless you want to make a "hair blown by the wind" effect, the stand isn't really necessary.
The details on Miku are nicely done as any other Nendoroids, featuring the snow motifs
on her hair, headphones(earmuffs?) and mittens.

The other faces included are shy..

and Hachune. A bit different that the old set.

Which is also the same face as the snowman.

The snowman can be separated at the head, so you could probably play around with some
Nendo Petits with it. There is also a hole for you to insert the smaller leek.

Miku has an extra hand to hold the leek.

It is hard to exchange the hand because of the small size and Miku's overlong sleeve.
The same goes for the mittens, as they are soft.
Also, the mittens can't hold the leek.
The scarf is easier to put on as you only have to detach the head.

You could just not put the hand in and have Miku imitate MegaMan.

"Rock Shoota!!"

And here's the interesting thing I found out; Snow Miku has removable panties, and with a blue ribbon design.

Imagine the diorama you could do with it..

The ice is tray is basically a novelty but a very good one, while Playtime lives up to it's name with it's playful
look. Definitely a good addition to Nendo and/or Miku collectors.
Meanwhile I am gonna go make some Miku shaped confections..:P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot Toys Gets License To Kill With Assassin's Creed 2.

Slowpoke news but..

This was announced in the Hot Toys newsletter ;

We are proud to present the license of another masterpiece from the video game series, which is from the popular action-adventure video game Assassin's Creed II developed by Ubisoft..

The collectible figure of the key character will be launched soon! Stay tuned!

I am not ashamed to admit I am one of people who kept asking about this in Hot Toys page..:P
It doesn't specify if the license is only for Assassin's Creed II or if it encompass the first game as well, which features Altair as the main character, or wether they will also do one of Desmond.

Altair and Ezio.

The clothing material seems a bit rough for now. And the face isn't as cute as the game version.

I can't wait to see how Hot Toys will do Ezio costume as it is elaborate and in 1/6th size as well.
Also wondering if they will make this version of Ezio.

Aside from them, there's no other characters from the games interesting enough to make figures of .
Well, except maybe Leonardo Da Vinci.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Small Haul. (Literally)

Just some small stuff I got recently.

Namco X Capcom gashapon set by Bandai.

Quality is good for gashapon. Poses are cool.
The opaque character which serves as bases are a bit weird but not too much of a distraction to the main figures.
The Ryu and L. Raptor/Zabelzarock ones accompanying Chun Li and Lilith are good enough you possibly can color them and pass them off as mini bust. :P
*Noticed that the golden details on the back of Chun Li's costume was unpainted though..

Something weird with Lilith. She is also in the Capcom Heroine set but different.
I.e; the assembly pieces are different.

The most apparent is the face.
The NxC one looks forward and has a bit of open mouth while the other looks up and mouth closed. Eyes also has different color.
Kinda made me bootleg panic a bit, but I'll just hope they reworked her for the other set.

The other I got is-

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Mascot Vinyl Toys by Happy Worker.

Thanks Rio McCarthy for letting me know.:)
The candy/cookie wrapper like they came in is cute, and they do look good enough to eat.
(Candy/cookie shaped like these would win, btw)
Quatchi is the cutest imo, and the biggest. Makes the other comparatively small.
Now all I need is a pedokuma to complete the set.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twestival, Breeze@BED, Kon Lau Ngiu Chap and A Duck Of Sort.

Did some stuff over the last few days.
Went to the Twestival over at Stone Bridge Galley on the 25th of March. Was a charity event. Joined the raffle and got this.

Never been to a spa before..
Oh and that is a limited edition Twitter cupcake there. :P

On Friday the 26th of March was Breeze Magazine 2nd Anniversary over in BED.
The theme was A Time To Shine.

I wore this.
JNa blogged it better here.

The morning after went breakfast with friends. Tried the Kon Lau place that was on TV.

Nice..I wanna more.
Also went to the flea market at SESB. Some stuff there. Mostly odd and ends. If you like vintage clothes you'd be stoked I guess.

Sunday was slow..was going to the Jazz thing over at Blue Note but I didn't. Meh.
And I missed K-On. Damnit.

Monday..I noticed that the sushi coupons that I got before was expiring. No one to ask come with so went solo.

I was on a diet.

Tuesday was Chucky a.k.a Ducky Surprise Birthday/Appreciation Party at Secret Recipe.

Chucky is the guy. And White Chocolate Macadamia Cake FTW.
MasLight blogged it better here since she was a conspirator anyway. :P
I had Chicken Cordon Bleu(which seems to be the official food for the night)which most of the group also had.

And a cappucino.
Was ranting about Sheperds Pie which they use to have..and look at the special menu and found out it was back.
Will have it. Soon. Very soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Robots and Tentacles.

The Robot:
Got my Complete* Futurama DVD Set on Friday.

*Quite a misnomer actually. It is complete, but only until June/July when the new season comes.
It was actually sent to my workplace but I wasn't in on account of a bad case of laziness induced migraine from Thursday. Had to go to the courier's office to pick it up.
Strangely it got taxed even though it was under the tax value.
But then it got some kind of charges and then it got taxed.
My bro-in law said that DVDs are special circumstances, anything over six(6) DVD has some kind of charge, so I got charged for it, and since the value and the charges combined are over the qualifying value for tax, I got taxed.

Anyway, afterwards got the continuing Dungeons & Dragons session where I officiated my dices.

Got a Critical, so Yay.
But my scientifically proven red dices was not approved by the DM, so Nay.
Meanwhile I still gotta work on a dice tower that can survive the DM's metal dices of doom.

The Tentacles:
Finished watching my Korean drama. Yay! So my Saturday is free now. FREEDOM!!
Saturday was Julian's Surprise Early Birthday Party held at JustWarGame. Where there is party, there is-

Food Glorious Food. And food is good.

Here is The Tentacles-

I mean Julian The Birthday Tentacles.
I mean Julian The Birthday Boy. :P

The cake-

-and some polaroids.

And just because I like.

Food Glorious Food. Whoever supplied these wins life.

Afterwards went to look for a jacket. Found a jacket. Will buy jacket.

Sunday was slow. Finished with Assassin's Creed.

Thankfully it got a sequel or it would have one of the WTFest ending in video games evar.
Speaking of which, I need to remind myself to get the sequel back from Ripz.
Starting on Bayonetta now. That game is so LOL.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shopping and Sushi.

I had a somewhat formal event to go to..and no formal enough clothings to go in.
Shopping!!*Mimics the scene from White Chicks*
(Ripz should know this one.)

Pants and Belt.

I also had an informal event to go to..and no very not formal clothing to go in.


Went the shopping with my brother and decided to use the coupons I got from lunch with Massy and Cubex +1 last time to good use.

Pic credit to Massy. (I wonder why they gave all 3 coupons to me..but thanks.)

We were only suppose to use the coupon.. but then we ordered..

Salmon Teriyaki

Oroshi Gyouza x2.

Salmon Sashimi

Oyster Tempura Set

And some Salmon Nigiri, Cream Puffs, Tuna Mayo..(though those were quickly devoured before any pics can be taken.).

And then we got more trap, er I mean coupons. Uh-oh.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Umbrellas, Gorillaz and a Chimp.

Some new stuff I got.:)

Umbrella Academy PVC figure set of 6.

Based on the Dark Horse comic written by My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way and drawn by Gabriel Ba.
Comes in a nicely designed but fragile packaging and style follows the art closely.
I actually got 2 of White Violin because she also come with the hardcover of the comic.

Kidrobot Gorillaz CMYK set.

They got a new album out. :)

Ragnar's Maltese Chimp (Gin).

Electric Tiki statue based on Ragnar's art. I like.:)
Avaiable in 4 flavors, I mean color and limited to 1200. I got #2 of 250 of the Gin edition. :)
Thankfully it didn't get broken like my last statue..

The girl looks so 90's. I like. :)